Google Developer Student Club - University of Information Technology

Where we try to access major seminars or competitions to expand our ability to learn new knowledges, explore creativity, and work flexibility. In addition, we will create some events for everyone in the community to come together, build and expand on each person‘s vision.

Machine Learning Study Jam

To arouse curiosity, deep inside models related to artificial intelligence, deep learning. Help participants understand the general knowledge and overview of a simple model using relevant methods and techniques.


Fireside chat session

Opportunity for GDSC - UIT children to engage more about the process of constructing, growing, administering, and finalizing a product in a brief amount of time, akin to the Google Solution Challenge.


Innovation Strategy

The creation and administration of technological goods necessitate the search for the best solution to suit the demands of clients. Thanks to this fireside chat, we got to talk to Ms. Khanh Linh Vo Ngoc, the Head of Marketing @GDSC - HCMUT last year, and the product owner of the Sherappy project, which was among the top 10 of the Google Solution Challenge in 2020

Product Mindset

We were educated more about product management and product mentality from this fireside chat session, and we believe that anybody who is involved in designing and producing goods should have this perspective as well.

End date: 20/11/2021


Android Study Jam

Android Study Jam

In Android study jam, learners shall get a good opportunity to get access to one of the popular Google's platform: Kotlin.

Event participants also have an excellent chance to study Android from a Google Developer Expert: Mr. Toan Tran, founder of Kotlin User Group in Ho Chi Minh city and a speaker in a wide variety of Android Study Jam program in many universities.

Throughout Android Study Jam, you shall receive many a benefit, e.g. how to program a simple Kotlin application, perceive to debug a Kotlin program, and tons of new things awaiting ahead.

End date: 21/03/2021