About Us

Google Developer Student Club
University of Information Technology

We are people desired to bring useful knowledge and technical products to every one in need via Google technologies. Together with us, we could make a great impact to not only our own local communities but worldwide as well.



Third prize in National Olympics in English, 2012
Second prize in National Olympics in English, 2019
Third prize in Hanoi Open Mathematics Olympics, 2018
Certificate tof Excellence in Emotion Recognition Competition by Robotics-IoT Club, University of Science, 2019
Scholarship Encouraging Study, University of Information Technology, 2020
Participated in ACM/ICPC Asia Regional Programming Contest 2019
Rank 1st, Advanced Upcoder contest, University of Education, 2019
Gold medal, Southern Olympics in Informatics, 2018
Silver medal, Southern Olympics in Informatics, 2017
Participated in ACM/ICPC Asia Regional Programming Contest, 2019
Rank 1st in Codeforces Contest
Third Prize in Southern Provincial ICPC Contest 2020
Consolation Prize in UIT Startup Ideas and Innovation 2020

Core Team



We are a critical and necessary component of GDSC. The Innovation Department, formerly known as Publications, was established to organize and manage deliverables for GDSC initiatives. A meeting place for exceptional people with skills in technology, project management, and wireframe design. Throughout school year, Innovation team will collaborate with other functions to provide enjoyable and creative events for everyone



Build a team with excellent hands-on skills to transfer socially oriented ideas into products, as well as operate a working environment as close to reality as possible. Work in a team, study together, share any helpful knowledge students desire, along with discussing ideas and solutions to any struggling in community and on campus


Design & Media

The Design department is made up of people that have a highly distinctive and aesthetic eyes as well as a passion for Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, and so on. This is the birthplace of many marketing publications support for GDSC - UIT social media, events, and activities. We decorated GDSC - UIT with bright Google products in collaboration with the Marketing and Development departments. If you are not just interested in simple design, UI/UX Design will be a very intriguing but also quite fresh subject for you. We will assist and advise you so that you can directly engage in club projects



Marketing is the bridge between the club and the community, between the product and the user, between the product's characteristics and the need for use. Through the activities that are conceived and proposed, we will work with other departments to implement and make them a reality. In addition, we also develop projects and programs aimed at the domestic and foreign DSC community